About Us

TransFunds Investment Banking (TFIB) is a full-service firm. Our services include strategic M&A planning, target identification, financial and capital modeling, acquisition financing, transaction structuring, negotiations, due diligence process management, transaction closing/post-merger integration.

Since 1998, TransFunds Investment Banking has been assisting owners of specialized transportation companies:

✔️Grow their sales, cash flow and enterprise value by confidentially and accretively acquiring their competitors.

✔️Monetizing their life’s work by the confidential sale of their business to qualified purchasers for maximum value.

Why TransFunds Investment Banking?

Specialized Mergers & Acquisitions for Transportation Companies is all we do. We know what qualitied buyers are looking for and know how to value your company to get it sold quickly, confidentially and for maximum value. As expert, trained negotiators with years of experience, we know what is realistic and achievable in any situation. We prepare you for Merger / Acquisition by developing appropriate growth strategies based on your unique situation.

Full Service means just that. We manage the entire transaction from inception to close:


We work closely with all parties from start to finish: Purchasers and Vendors, professional advisors and shareholders to closing, while always staying in touch with our client.

We are experts at leveraged buyouts; and, we ensure that the transaction is structured so it will attract the necessary capital/funding to close.

We save you the time, stress, professional costs, and missed opportunities. Simply put, we “Quarterback” the entire transaction!

Our Core Values